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Onga Ghana marks 10 years Anniversary


Onga Ghana, a subsidiary of Promasidor Ghana Limited has marked ten years Anniversary of Onga tablet production in Ghana, pledging to lead and provide quality and better nutrition to its catchment area. The company has over the years produced products of Onga chicken tablets, seasoning among others.

As part of the celebration, the company has engaged some Islamic Clerics and opinion leaders from the north including; Northern, Upper west and upper east regions to tour and see the processes involved in the production of the products. About 14 Islamic clerics from these regions were air lifted to join the celebration and to have a feel of how Onga products are produced for the consumption of the general public.

Speaking to Zaa news in an interview, Area Manager-Promasidor Ghana Limited Michael Musah says the involvement of the Islamics and stakeholders is in the spirit to create a good relationship in developing and growing their brand in relation with consumers and the community at large. He said the company supplies two hundred and ten tonnes of Onga tablets to the northern region monthly hence, the need for them to be appreciated.

Promasidor he indicates was happy with its achievements and contributions to the Ghanaian food industry. According to him, the company would continue to play an active role in the market through the roll out of nutritious products and services to customers. Mr Musah attributed Onga’s impressive performance over the last 10 years to its loyal customers who have been with the company since its inception. He indicates that the company will continue to offer products and services to its customers in order to remain competitive. ‘’The journey has been so wonderful, we have grown over the years, expanded and have been able to grow up over the years’’, he noted  

Mr Musah further mentioned that the company is not only looking at producing products and services, but developing, sustaining and maintaining a cordial relationship with society. These clerics he says form part of an important societal relationship with their large followings, thus their involvement in the celebration. He said ‘’We as much as possible value the importance of relationship and so we are not just looking at producing products and services, we are also looking developing, sustaining and maintaing the cordial relationship with society, and these our Islamic clerics are people that form an important part of our societal relationship’’,  On the nutritional value of Onga, Mr Musah noted ‘’the product is made from only the finest and nutritional ingredients, making it safe and healthy for human consumption. Customers and consumers should expect more from Onga.’’

Back ground

Promasidor is a food and beverage giant that distributes affordable food and beverage products of superior quality across Africa. Promasidor Ghana Limited commenced operations in 1999 under the name “Wonder Foods Limited” and has now become a leading food manufacturing company in the country. Since then, its range of products has become firm favorites among consumers. Cowbell, the leading brand, is a popular milk powder product. It has grown to include a number of extensions that have been well received by Ghanaians. They include Cowbell Coffee, Chocomalt, Strawberry, Mocha, Coconut and Banana. Miksi, “a creami, tasti” alternative is the other popular milk powder brand. They also produce and market a range of Onga seasoning powders which are available in a range of delicious flavors to appeal to the Ghanaian taste buds.

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