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Register and insured your vehicles &motor bikes before the law catches you-police warns


The Tamale Divisional Police Command of the Ghana police Service in the northern region has advised residents within their jurisdiction, especially motorist to register their vehicles and motor bikes for their own sake. The command is also asking motor riders to get riding license and insured their motors with insurance companies.

 The command which is responsible for Tolon, Kumbungu districts and Sagnarigu and Savelugu municipalities says the indiscipline and blatant disregard of roads traffic regulations is worrying and need a collective effort to address it.  

The command says its observation in their operational areas indicates that majority of motor bikes on the streets were not register and that police finds it very difficult to search for a stolen bike anytime victims lodge complain.

Criminals, the command observed, also capitalized on owners not registering the bikes and are engaging in stealing the bikes almost every day.

Speaking to managers of radio stations and journalists at the division’s maiden engagement at Lamashegu, Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP), Mr George Yeboah Afari warned that, failure by citizens to adhere to police will lead to mass arrest offenders.

“For just two weeks in Tamale, I have seen that, the task on security is enormous; it is too challenging and therefore unseeing the challenges I decided involve the media because it is ours now. If we want to wait for the Lord to fight, the lord won’t drop from heaven   to do it for us’’, he stated.

CSP Afari stated that the fights against crime is no more the Lords but the citizens themselves. The division, Mr CSP Yeboah Afari stated will engaged chiefs, opinion leaders and the leadership of political parties to ensure that there is sanity within the division and pleaded with the various media houses to support the police.

The commander also expressed worried about the MMDAs inability to arrest animals roaming taken over roads and are obstructing motorist.

Witchcraft phenomenon

Commenting on witchcraft phenomenon where people attack old women, CSP Mr Afari stated that the police doesn’t deal with things in the spiritual realm and warned that the police will arrest and prosecute perpetrators.  

Police-citizen ratio in Tamale

Given numerical strength of police-citizens ratio for the division, CSP Mr Afari revealed that that it is by sheer of grace that the police service is able to maintained peace and fight crime. The ratio of police -civil in the division he explained was far below the United Nations recommendation of one police officer for every 450 citizens. However, in Ghana is one police officer for every 1,200.

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