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Stop interfering in criminal matters-police pleads with chiefs and politicians in Tamale


The Crime Officer of the Tamale Divisional Police Command of the Ghana police Service, Chief Superintendent (CSP), Jerry John Boye has made passionate appealed to politicians, chiefs and opinion leaders to allow police do their work without interference.  

The crime officer stated the police will no longer tolerate intrusions by these people in society on criminal matters within the division.

CSP Mr Boye stated that defilement, rape, robbery and causing harm are grave areas police will not compromise on. According to the crime officer, the phenomenon of opinion leaders, chiefs, religious and politicians storming police stations to seek for leniency for people perpetrating violence crime must stop because it is making their work very difficult.

He could not understand why over 60-years-old man will defile a child of 7-8 years old and yet respected people in society will come to police station to beg for the release. He called on the media to support the police in the matters such as the aforementioned issues.  

Given his general observations about security situation in Tamale at a meeting with media practitioners and managers of radio stations at divisional command in Lamashegu, CSP Jerry John Boye observed that even though security situation in Tamale is not all that bad compare to other places in the country, there is the need for stakeholder collaboration to get rid of criminals.

Personal security is key

He however, advised residents to take their personal security very serious and be vigilante about suspicious characters in their surroundings. He cautioned residents under attack by criminals or arm robbers not to try to be heroes but just give out what they are demanding and quickly report to police.

Victims, chief superintendent Jerry John Boye observed should report timely to the nearest police station.  He assured of residents within the division that the police will treat information they provide with all seriousness.

At least in the morning while leaving the house, ensure that all your doors and windows are locked properly. He also advised parents to educate their children under age not to accept gifts from strangers adding children must not go when strangers send them to buy something, he advised.

CSP Boye pleaded with community members to report people they suspect are engaging criminal acts to the police for them to monitor the person instead of complaining without action.

Public mistrust

On the public mistrust of police, the crime officer pleaded with the public to have confidence with the police, especially the new administration headed by Dr Goerge Dampare.

CSP Boye urged the people to always to report their concerns to the superior officers if they doubt the junior officers in protecting their identities.

Bailing is not left-off

The Tamale Metropolitan Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Idrisu Tanko has said bailing a suspect is not a left off. He said opinion leaders, chiefs and politicians continuous begging for suspects to be release will not prevent the police from prosecuting criminals in the metropolis. 

According to him, all what those people are interested in are bailing suspects adding that once police gather enough evidence, they will proceed to court. The police service he said is a human institution and not far from also committing an error in their line of work adding that should not be misconstrue to lack commitment on their side.

Responding concerns from the managers and media practitioners about their experiences with other police commanders, chief superintendent Tanko assured the public of the police resolve in ensuring peaceful society. He also appealed to the media to support the police with clear intention without focusing on issues that are not important in policing.

Policing is an act; all those stumbling blocks will continue to there but if you want to work it won’t prevent you from work. When the politicians and the chiefs come all, they are interested in is bail and bail is not a left-off, Mr Tanko explained. The police he further explained can’t prosecute suspects without enough facts and evidence and while police are investigating further, the public begin to doubt the police.

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