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Stop using women emotions to deny them opportunities- Amnesty International


Amnesty International Ghana have challenged gender advocates to go beyond women empowerment in their quest to ensure equal access to opportunities. The international human rights body maintains that, women empowerment alone cannot lead to the attainment of gender equality in the country.

Amnesty international acknowledges efforts made so far by many advocates to address women issues but said the stumbling blocks still persist. It could not understand why women emotions are used as basis to deny them leadership roles, whiles anger and other emotional traits of the male counterparts are overlooked.

The systemic barriers hindering women trying to occupied leadership position it noted, need to be address by institutions and government through implementable actions but not mere words.

Speaking at a penal dialogue session during the celebration of International Women’s day at Nyankpala campus, the Amnesty International Ghana Board Secretary Akosua Asare eulogized women’s contribution since the outbreak of Covid-19, noting that women, were mostly frontline workers at the various health facilities.

Acting Executive Director of Amnesty International Ghana, Frank Doyi wonders how the world would have look like without women and emphasized the need for their rights to be respected.

He urged everybody to stand up and challenged injustices against women across the world.

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