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We’ve not neglected students’ psychological needs-UDS Vice Dean


The Vice Dean of Students’ Affairs at the University for Development Studies-Nyankpala campus, Dr Linda Dari has mounted strong defense of claims that the university is not doing much to address students’ psychological needs.

Dr Linda also dismissed suggestions from some section of the students that the university do not prioritize sexual harassment and other pertinent issues affecting students’ academic work. The students mainly first year’s sort to know whether the university has proper structures to deal with sexual harassment and depression issues.

 Dr Linda in responding to their concerns at the celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day organized by Amnesty International Ghana, explained that, UDS has a sexual harassments policy which it implements to the fullest.

The consequences of that policy, Dr Linda said could lead to imprisonment if prima facie case is established against the accused.

Dr Linda Dari reminded the students that every first-year student is taken through proper structures during orientation and added that the vice dean of student’s office and counseling units handles such issues.

She also defended female lectures and senior staff who are accused of doing little to inspire female students stating that they live with what they preach.

Female lecturers, she stated stand on their feet to lecturer for hours like their male counterparts and that should be enough motivation for female students.  

The vice dean in dismissing discrimination during admission also explained that the cut of point for females seeking admission has been lowered. Dr Linda cited for instance, cut of point agric technology which is 18 but for females is lowered to 24. This, she said cannot be seem as unfair.

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