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Tamale Central Market is eye sore in rainy season


Some traders in the Tamale Central Market are appealing to the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly to come to their aid this rainy season. The sanitation situation, they say, is deplorable such that people find it difficult to do businesses anytime it rains.

Mostly traders who do not have stores and normally sit in front of the stores in the market are at the mercy of the rain. Some of them complained that because of the structural development of the market people do not usually come inside the market to buy their items because of the muddy nature of the place.

Shoppers rather prefer buying their items outside the market when it rains due to the nasty nature of the market.  Some of them revealed to Zaa News that before they can start selling their items they have to fill potholes with gravel or wait for the place to dry up before they can start selling. They usually end up selling virtually nothing by the end of the day. They also lamented about the bad stench of the place and stagnant water bodies which breed mosquitoes leading to contracting of malaria.





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