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Tamale: 2SCALE Ghana organizes Learning and replication event for partners


2SCALE Ghana has organized learning and replication events for partners and other development organizations in Tamale. The event is to share models and strategies to develop and strengthen market systems towards food and nutrition security. 

2SCALE is an incubator and accelerator program that manages a portfolio of public private partnerships (PPP) for inclusive business in agri-food sectors and industries. In Ghana, the portfolio currently consists of five Public-Private Partnerships in five commodities in three sectors namely; poultry, staples, and oil seeds. 

2SCALE sees replication of its approach in other countries and development programs in-country or within the same 2SCALE program to build more sustainable and inclusive agribusiness models to create impact at scale. With financial support from the Dutch government, the 2SCALE  program started in 2012 and ends in 2023.

 It is one of the largest incubators of inclusive agribusiness in sub-saharan africa. In the first six years the program developed a portfolio of 52 partnerships. In the coming five years the program targets 60 partnerships in four agri-food sectors and industries. 

The 2SCALE program is carried out by a consortium of organizations with a unique and complementary experience in implementing inclusive business models in the agricultural sector across the African continent such as Bop Innovation center, IFDC, SNV and DGIS. It operates in the five regions of the north and some parts of the southern sector. 

Speaking to the media at the event Country team lead Jalil Zakaria revealed that the main objectives of the event are to share the 2SCALE model to development partners, network among partners and other stakeholders and also showcase BoP products for publicity and market visibility. 

He says the program has been able to impact knowledge to more young people especially women in micro- processing in rural Ghana. He has advised the youth to venture into agriculture and see it as a business to reduce the unemployment in the country.

 A beneficiary of the 2SCALE program Azieliba Theresa commended implementers of the program. She says the program has really changed her life.

”I am a sorghum and a beneficiary of 2scale program sorghum farmer, I was part of a team of farmers who received training on how to farm, how to apply fertilizer and how to even sow, they trained us to do all, and just about some months ago, 2SCALE gave me a container and fridge to improve my business. As I’m standing I’m a widow and it has not been easy taking care of my children, but with my engagement with 2SCALE and I have seen a lot of improvement in my life and children”, she noted. 

Source: Ghana/Tamale/ D. Walter

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