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Welcome to The Dance, President Addo — Demonstrations Against Your Policies Are Only Just Beginning


Mr. Obiri Boahen, the deputy general secretary of the ruling NPP is a blow hard who shamelessly seeks the spotlight. He desperately craves to be the center of attention.

This is a man who sorely lacks human decency. In his dealings with political opponents, he comes across as uncouth, crass, petulant and self absorbed. In short, Mr. Boahen thinks too highly of himself.

I will be on firm grounds, and it will surely not be out of place were I to assert that the NPP headhoncho is one of those Ghanaian smashmouth politicians responsible for the perverse and debased political system we have in the nation.

One glaring and ugly aspect of Mr. Boahen’s whole setup is his penchant to attack opponents for all the wrong reasons. He clearly enjoys hurling invectives and insults, and does so with reckless abandon.

Mr. Boahen is reportedly miffed that a group of Ghanaians evidently NDC supporters, had the gall to mount a demonstration against the policies of President Akuffo Addo in New York City of all places, during the 72nd United Nations General Assembly Meeting last week.

On a radio show where he vented his anger and disgust at the demonstrators, Mr. Boahen unbelievably called for their heads to be examined apparently by a psychiatrist for exercising what was essentially their fundamental human rights to assemble and protest.

There is a hint of hypocrisy written all over the supposed anger of Boahen and others who have labelled the demonstrators lazy and struggling to survive in the United States. The righteous indignation of these guys is breathtaking.

How quickly have they elected to conveniently forget, and sweep under the rug/mat, the horrible name-calling and hurriedly arranged demonstrations against former President John Mahama whenever he travelled abroad on government business.

NPP supporters especially in the United States, Britain, and Germany constantly followed Mahama, hounded and heckled him almost to the point of provocation. But Mr. Mahama kept his cool, remained calm and collected and went about his business.

If Mr. Mahama could calmly absorb abuse and scorn from foreign based NPP supporters with profound dignity and not make a fuss about the gross disrespect thrown his way, why should Mr. Addo be exempt from similar vile sentiments from the opposition, NDC supporters abroad.

Is Mr. Addo above scorn and abuse? If a section of Ghanaians are not enthused with the way the President is running the country, they have the right to register their disgust and displeasure in the form of protest.

And lest, Boahen and others get carried away by their new found political power, they ought to be reminded that Ghana is not a banana republic where the rights of citizens are trampled upon with impunity.

Welcome to the Dance, President Akuffo Addo — demonstrations against your poor policies are just beginning.





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