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We are concerned about challenges facing businesses in the country-AGI CEO


Chief Executive Officer of Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), Mr Seth Twum-Akwaboah has said his outfit doesn’t why business people in the north can’t export to other countries but others from other regions are doing it.

The dream of AGI, he said, is to see businesses in the north grow from small to big enterprises so that a lot more can be exported.  

The association he said was concerned about challenges facing Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in the country, especially the northern sector.

He announced that AGI next year will inaugurate women in business to give women special attention. AGI will also do the same for youth in the northern region in a bit to market the north to investors.

Speaking at the launch of Northern Business and Investments Fairs in Tamale,

Mr Twum-Akwaboah confirmed that there are a lot of investment opportunities in the north which need to be harnessed for the benefit of the people.

AGI is advocating whilst continuing to engage the government at policy level will ensure that businesses across the country grow without any hindrance. Northern region produces a lot of products and should be able to export to other countries.

 Recent government decision to review the bench value policy he explained was as a result of AGI’s engagement, adding negotiations are also underway to ensure that importers of raw materials enjoy discounted duties.

Speaking at the launch of Northern Business and Investments Fairs in Tamale, Mr Twum-Akwaboah assured business operators that the association is currently engaging Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) for tariffs adjustment for all businesses.

“AGI cherished the Indians and kept saying on different platforms that   among the ten people that formed AGI was an Indian business, the very beginning of AGI.  The founding members of AGI were Indian business so they have been with us all these years and will continue to be with us’’, Mr Twum-Akwaboah acknowledged.

Northern sector chairman of AGI, Mr Osman Kulendi advised various business groups to collaborate to improve packaging and quality because their products are original.

The Northern sector, he said, is lacking behind compared to other regions and the youth need to take the opportunity available at AGI and its partners to improve their businesses.

AGI Northern Sector chairman, Mr Osman Kulendi

AGI, Mr Osman Kulendi said has no panacea or remedies to all problems confronting the business community, especially small and medium scale enterprises but will provide the necessary support.

He said economic development in northern Ghana has not been given the needed attention for decades.

The chief of Lamashegu, Naa Alhaji Abdulai Ziblim appealed to AGI to liaise with the government to ensure that there is available fertilizer for farmers for this year’s crop season.

The chief said the increasing price of fertilizer is worrying and the government and its development partners must do something about it.

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