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We are restraining section of Muslim community not to react-Prof Y.S Peligah reminds National security minister


Prof.Y.S Peliga first left

The Committee on Muslim Rights, an elite Muslim group have petitioned the National Security minister to investigate threat on Muslims issued by Deputy Chairman of The Scripture Union of Ghana, Reverend Dr Samuel Ofori Onwona on the Wesley Girls school head mistress denying a Muslim student from fasting.

 The committee in a strong worded statement described Dr Samuel Ofori’s statement as incendiary, inciteful, and hate speech against Muslims in Ghana.  

The statement signed by the Committee on Muslims Rights Chairman, Alhaj Prof. Yakubu Seidu Peligah Former. Dean, Faculty of Creative Arts and Technology, Kumasi Technical University and also former rector of Tamale Polytechnic reminded national security minister that the alleged statements threaten national stability that is founded on religious pluralism, tolerance, and cohesion.

In a viral audio circulating on social media, Reverend Samuel Ofori is heard making statements that have far reaching consequences for national security. The committee said they are particularly worried because this will not be the first time Reverend Samuel Ofori has issued and caused to be published threats and hate speech against Muslims.

It recounted his previous threats against the Turkish ambassador in 2019 on account of as he claims “a plot to Islamise Ghana” by the Turkish government.  The committee said they have documented these two events that threaten the peace and stability of this country.

It added that they have also documented the numbness of government outfit in calling Reverend Samuel Ofori to order on these delicate matters. It said they cannot imagine any Muslim cleric going loose on a similar tangent to be allowed to go scot free.

As an elite Muslim Committee, we are vehemently opposed to any act of commission or omission that could put the peace of this country on a cliff, it added. The matters, the committee noted are so concerning that if they are not addressed, could have a catastrophic implication for our national security.

They committee reminded national security minister that they have put in a lot of efforts to restrain a section of the Muslim community on the back of these gratuitous provocations by the reverend.

The committee emphasized importance of people to draw the needed linkages between the imposition of religious beliefs and the mistreatment and violation of the religious freedom of Muslim students in public-funded schools and the threats issued by the reverend.

Drawing such linkages, the statement said would help appreciate the enormity of the problem at hand in all its forms and shapes. “We hereby call on your outfit to institute an investigation into these issues and apply the needed legal regime which in our belief, has been sufficiently breached by the subject.

We shall standby to assist in any investigations that will help to unravel this monumental security breach. We would be disappointed if your outfit fails to act. We count on your cooperation” the committee Chairman Alhaj Prof. Y. S. Peligah Former. Dean, Faculty of Creative Arts and Technology, Kumasi Technical University, signed statement copied to Director, National Investigation Bureau Inspector General of Police, Ghana Police Service, Speaker of Parliament Office of the National Chief Imam Christian Council of Ghana National Peace Council, The US Ambassador, The Australian High Commissioner, The Ambassador, Embassy of Saudi Arabia and Muslim Caucus in Parliament.

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