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We need resource center-Sagnarigu PWDs appeals


People Living with Disabilities (PWDs), in the Sagnarigu Municipality have called on government to set up a resource center for them.

The PWDs said the center will help them learn skills and also serve as source of income to them.

 The resource centers are facilities in the form of five bedroom house with conference halls built by the various Metropolitan, Municipal and District assembly for persons living with disabilities to carry out their activities.

Sagnarigu Municipal chairman of PWDs, Ibrahim Yussif who made the appealed after members received food items from NORSAAC, a pro-marnaginalized and policy influencing organization and Oxfam, Ghana said the paramount chief of Sagnarigu traditional area had allocated a land to them for the resource center.

Mr Ibrahim whilst appealing to government and NGOs to support them construct the center appealed to his colleagues to make good use of support from their share of the district assembly common fund.


He was not happy that some members abandoned equipment procured for them to engage in productive ventures and resort to begging for alms in the streets.

Mr Ibrahim cited instances where some disable persons were provided with grinding mails and shops worth hundreds of Ghana cedis from their share of the fund but they do not utilized them.

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