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We need temporary shelter, food & sanitation facilities – Flood victims appeals


Floods victims in the Kumbungu district of the Northern Region are calling on the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), member of Parliament and  the district assembly to turn their attention to them.

The floods which has been ravaging Northern Ghana following the spliage of Bagre Dam in Burkina Faso and the continue rains rendered hundreds of people homeless.

Farm produces has been submerge in water and reptiles invading many homes in the affected districts.
Overseas communities are now islands as main routes cut off.
Assembly man for Nawuni electoral area, one of the worse hit, Mr  Alhassan Yussif has told Zaa News farmers are devastated  by the flood.

According to him, this year’s flood was  unprecedented in their live time adding that  for over 30 years now the people has never witnessed the rocord high of the water.

Snakes and other reptiles Mr Yussif said have invaded the his people homes and urgent attention is needed.

The people of the area he narrated  food stuffs and other belongings have been carried away by the water.
” Their pressing needs now are temporary shelter, sanitation facilities and food”, Mr Yussif noted.

He expressed fears of eminent outbreak of cholera because there is no toilet facility in Nawuni and the people have no option but to engaged in open deficatiin. 

The independent Parliamentary candidate for Kumbungu Constituency, Mr Abukari Abdul Fatawu who visited Nawuni over the weekend said he will do all he  can to get some assistance for victims.

The people Mr Fatawu observed urgently need temporary homes on highlands, nets to prevent reptiles and sanitation facilities.
He also promised liaising with philanthropists to assist the people with additional boat because the only boat for Singa and Afa Yili is overwhelm now.

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