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YOPP launches alternative livelihood project for flood victims


Farmers and fishermen from five communities in the Kumbungu district of the northern region badly affected by 2020 flood have been assured of alternative livelihoods. The Youth Opportunity Partnership Program (YOPP), a local nongovernmental organization working in the area gave the assurance when they launched a one-year Accelerated Emergency Action project to reduce their suffering.

The project is targeting the five hit flood prone communities in the Dalun and Tibung traditional areas.  The communities includes Dalung, Afayili, Nawuni, Golazoli and Dalun Kukuo.

The project is not only targeting flood related issues but also long-time livelihoods for farmers in the affected communities, especially during dry season.
Explaining the rationale behind the project to stakeholders and farmers at Nawuni, Director of YOPP Mr Abukari Abu said the project will focus on sustainable livelihoods of farmers, especially during dry season.

According to Mr Abu, the area has huge potential in vegetable production and fish production and needs to be harness for the good of the people. Experts in aquaculture Mr Abu said will be engaged to trained interested farmers in fish farming and bee keeping   to enhance their income. 

He believes Dalun traditional area has the potential of meeting the country’s vegetable needs which can even reduce the rate at which Ghana import tomatoes from neighboring countries such as Burkina Faso.  He pleaded with the people to have clean hearts and give their full support and commitment to reduce poverty. 

A 25-member committee is expected to be constituted   to ensure the successful implementation of the project. The committee Mr Abu explained will work closely with the Dalun Lana’s palace, Kumbungu district assembly, regional and national National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO).

The farmers expressed their gratitude for the intervention and  pledge to ensure successful implementation.

Assembly man for Nawuni electoral area Mr Alhassan Yussif told Zaa News that the chief of Dalun Mahama Amidu has allocated a land for the resettlement of residents of Nawuni. The land situated at Dalun Kukuo will be developed for victims as their permanent place of abode.

Assemblyman for Nawuni, Alhassan Yussif


In early September last year, torrential rain couple with spillage of Bagre Dam caused havoc in several communities in northern Ghana. Some coastal communities along the white Volta basin in Kumbungu district were badly affected.

Homes and farms were submerged in water for several weeks. Schools and churches became shelter for some victims who lost their homes during flood.

National Disaster Management Organization made promises to the victims but yet to be fulfilled. Individuals and organizations provided some relief items to the victims but secured shelter at safe places and sustained livelihoods is yet to be addressed.

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