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You couldn’t defeat my ancestors; you can’t defeat me-Sagnari Naa to conspirators

The Paramount Chief of Sagnarigu Traditional Area, Ambassador Abdulai Yakubu, has warned  people he described as Chronic Pillar thieves to desist from attempts to include him in their shameful activities.

The Sagnari Naa said, it has come to his attention that  a cabal or group of dishonest people are  bent on tarnishing his hard earned reputation by spreading false rumours that he has sold out a piece of land demarcated for a market.
For reasons best known to them, such shameless people, he said, have, in the past adopted different means to tarnish his image, but failed woefully, reducing themselves to ridicule.
The revered chief who is held in high esteem among his peers and the population at large, made it clear that those enemies of Sagnarigu will end up destroying themselves but not him or his Traditional Area.
He drew our attention to the praise name of Sagnarigu, Dunkuruguyili, (perennial animosity or perpetual enmity) saying that, as Dunkurgu Naa, he was not surprised, since his ancestors before him suffered worse conspiracies but were never defeated.
Ambassador Abdulai Yakubu was responding to romours making rounds that he has sold out about 10 acres of land demarcated for the construction of a market to a private investor.
When Zaa news visited him at his palace to ascertain the truth or otherwise of the matter, the chief stated emphatically that, the rumours were totally false and were being spearheaded by envious self-seeking individuals in  Sagnarigu and a handful of evil conspirators outside the municipality.

The Sagnari Naa told Zaa News that, since there has for long been no serious interest in developing the market, he proposed that, a private investor could be approached to develop it into a mall and still stands by his decision because Sagnarigu and its environs  deserve a mall or a modern market, that can serve the Metropolis as well, not a market of thatch structures, as his detractors seem to be imagining.
The about 10 acre land, the chief explained, has been encroached and is only left with about 7acres.
These 7 acres, Ambassador Abdulai emphasized, remains unattached and is available for any ready serious investor who will developed it, as intended.

According to him, in collaboration with the M. C. E., some private investors were contacted and showed interest, but no agreement has yet been reached. Should the State be interested in developing the land, negotiations will be entered into, to define the mutual interests of the two parties, the State and the skins.
The usual transaction as done all over the country will, however be entered into, with any private investor, the chief said.

He also explained that, another prime land which many people had pursued him in vain,  to yield to them, has in the meantime been allocated to the Sagnarigu Municipal Assembly for the construction of a traditional market which is in progress.
He could have made money from that plot if that had been his intention. He told Zaa news that he would not have reacted to the lies.
He agreed to speak on the matter to Zaa radio only out of sympathy for the numerous well-meaning persons who are pained by the rumours, which they know to be unfounded.
Since he ascended to the Sagnarigu skin, the chief has given out several pieces of land free of charge, for the purposes of education and social development. One such land was the only girls Model school around the Metropolis, built by Actionaid Ghana.
Ambassador Yakubu Abdulai reminded the serial Pillar thieves that, he can never be part of their evil club and they could continue to enjoy alone their unenviable reputations of shame.

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