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Youth fingers board chair and acting CEO OF masterminding NDA CEO dismissal


A coalition concern youth groups in the northern region fingered Northern Development Authority Chief Executive Officer (NDA) board chairman Dr Hakeem Waimah and acting CEO Mr Boniface Gambila of being behind the dismissal Dr. Alhassan Sulemana Anamzoya.

According to the youth, they are very much aware of the happenings in NDA since the appointment of Dr. Anamzoya in December, 2019. According to them, Dr Anamzoya is a hard-working person who has brought a lot of reforms in NDA and has also reached out to all stakeholders since his assumption of office.

The youth say they are surprised at his dismissal, alleging that the outgone board and his deputies masterminded his dismissal due to his resistance to their unlawful demands.

The youth accused what they described as so-called acting CEO Mr Boniface Gambila as part of the board all these years and failed to bring any meaningful changes to NDA.

Mr Boniface they claimed has been engaged in the business of selling tricycles, motor bikes and empty containers for a long time and that they know some of his business partners.

 Mr Boniface and his partners they alleged have engaged in organizing fake training for management and staff of NDA and charging the institutions huge sums of money for that. Dr Anamzoya they said successfully implemented the IPEP projects and supported women and youth groups in the north.

The sacked NDA CEO they said brought many changes and reforms in NDA leading to rebranding of NDA and making the north more attractive to investors.  The youth are therefore appealing to the president Nana Akufo – Addo to recall Dr. Alhassan Sulemana Anamzoya back to continue his good works.

They also called on president to immediately call the illegal board to order and reconstitute a new board and management team to realized his vision for the development of the north and the creation of the development authorities.  

The NDA board according to the youth intend to hold an illegal meeting in Tamale which is contrary to the directives of the president after all boards dissolved and are yet to be constituted.  

The youth in a statement also claimed that the board has held an illegal meeting in Accra and are trying to hold another meeting just to allocate fat per diems and allowances to themselves. They have served notice that they will monitor NDA activities and resist any attempt to hold such an illegality.

The statement signed by CHAIRMAN, ABDUL BASIT ADAM accused NDA board chairman Dr. Hakeem Waimah of engaging in many deals including pushing NDA to sign a Three (3) million Ghana Cedis contract with his personal company – Tamale Implement Factory (TIF) and that they will resist such attempt to steal the resources of the north for his benefit and that of his family.

The board it said failed the people of the north to bring any meaningful development to the north after supervised NDA for almost four (4) years now.

They failed to recover the millions owed by AGambiri and the AGAMs companies and some of the board members it alleges were compromised and sabotaged the CEO in his effort to retrieve those stolen monies. The statement claimed that all the board members are engaged in grabbing the assets of NDA, sold items like tricycles, motorbikes, containers, hydrophone machines and other assets to themselves at ridiculous prices denying the north the needed development.

The board it added failed to reconcile the executive management and stop the infighting between the then CEO Dr. Majeed and his deputies. This and other reasons led to the sacking of Dr. Majeed.

 The same behaviour of the board continued in the regime of Dr. Anamzoya, the statement said. The board failed to control the deputy CEO’s allowing some of them to use the resources of NDA to campaign in their parliamentary primaries and ultimately the constituency elections.

Some of the deputy CEOs are still owning NDA huge sums of money from the sale of tricycles and other assets which the youth promised to share with the media in the coming days.

The board never made a single policy throughout their four (4) years in office. NDA does not have a strategic plan aside the personal strategies of Dr. Anamzoya.

The board members the statement said succeeded in sacking Dr. Haroun and now Dr Anamzoya because of their ill engagement since time in memorial by playing smart on some group of section.

The board it added failed woefully to audit the 2018 and 2019 accounts of NDA, suggesting that they did not see anything wrong with an organization that has two (2) years outstanding unaudited accounts.

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