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Claim that northerners occupy 60 percent of top government jobs is absurd


I have often wondered when some of some of our fellow citizens will eventually come to terms with the indisputable fact that the northern regions are making remarkable progress despite the overwhelming odds stacked against them.

When will it dawn on these folks that the large swath of land that was historically marginalized and confined to the periphery of Ghanaian society, first by British interlopers and later by inept Ghanaian governments, is no longer the nation’s backwater.

Perhaps, for the benefit of those who perpetually seek to denigrate the northern regions, it is worth repeating this bittersweet truth: the northern regions are no longer stuck in a time warp. They have shed that ghastly image of being the nation’s hewers of wood and drawers of water. Yes indeed,  times have changed, and so too have the northern regions.

I groan in disgust whenever the bearded eccentric, Dr. Amoako Baah, take to the airwaves, to launch scathing attacks on the government. His sole purpose is to fan the flames of hatred and division. He always waits for the right opportunity to pounce. And the appointment of Dr. Nash as governor of the Bank of Ghana prompted Dr. Baah’s latest absurdity.

His outlandish assertion that northerners occupy 60 percent of top government jobs is as silly as it is preposterous. Not only is the claim way off, there is no substantive and credible evidence to support his statement.

Even if his claim is true which it isn’t, what is inherently wrong with northerners taking up all the important jobs in the country? Previous governments engaged in selective, tribal appointments and no one raised heckles over them. That all of a sudden, someone will find fault with President Mahama doing what his predecessors did, underscores the ugly levels of partisanship in the country.

Dr. Baah is conjuring stuff out of thin air to sound relevant. He has nothing substantial to offer the country except for the fact that he symbolizes all that is wrong with our political discourse.

And if you think Dr. Baah is the only one engaging in this charade, you better think again. There are many others towing the same line. Indeed a cottage industry exclusively devoted to lambasting President Mahama for every single thing that he does has been created by his political foes.

And they relish every moment they take to the airwaves to savage the man. It is indeed a crying shame on our body politic





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