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Be nice to people you meet on your way in: NDC general secretary urges NPP



Mr. Asiedu Nketia, the general secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is urging the governing New Patriotic Party(NPP) to treat others with a modicum of decency; “Be nice to people you meet on your in because they are the same people you will meet when you are down.”

Mr Nketia addressing party supporters in Tamale on Saturday did not mince words in responding to members of the governing NPP who in defense of the party’s failure so far to deliver on its campaign promises have said that governance is not like planting cassava which can yields result in six months.

He called on the governing party’s communicators to seek out the “advice” of the vice president, Dr Mahamud Bawumia who Mr Nketia said, boasted of the NPP’s “stunning” 110 accomplishments in a mere 100 days.

Mr. Nketia continued to jab at the NPP: “We are pointing out your failures and you are now talking about cassava, if government officials have problems with logic, they should come to the NDC party ideological school so we can teach them logic and reasoning.”

On the security situation in the country, the NDC scribe who escaped unhurt in attack by gunmen said the party is keeping an angel eye on the police and other security services over their work.

“General Mosquito” as he is affectionately called, said the NDC will not attack personalities but will attack the occupants of state institutions. He asked opposition members not to politicized his highway attack because the NDC he said is a disciplined party which believes in state institutions.

“We are taking every step to ensure that state institutions work,” General Mosquito said,
“I thank the party faithful for the show of solidarity when I was attacked by some unknown assailants.”

On party unity, the NDC scribe said everybody knows when you go to the battle you expect to win but we lost and we know healing will take the form of grieve, insults and little fights.
The party needed to allow itself to do catharsis but that is over and party members must begin doing what we know best.

Advising party members, Mr Nkatia said “If you hate to greet your friend or your brother because your have problems with him, go and try greeting a crab and you see how painful it is.”

Reconciliation program

The NDC program of the year he said begins with reconciliation and programs such as unity walks is helpful. The council of elders he said will embark on a regional tour to address problems confronting the party. The unity walks Mr Nkatia believes will soften the grounds to enable the council of elders address petty differences.
This is not the time for presidential candidates, regional and constituency executives elections, he clarified.

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