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Beware of desperate and unscrupulous politicians- Chief alerts youth groups in the northern region


The Chief of Fatigi-To community in the Wasipe Traditional Area, Fatigi-To Wura Sakibu Issaka Takora I, has strongly admonished youth groups in the northern region not to allow any desperate and unscrupulous politician to use them for violence to achieve their political aspirations in the coming December election.

Most politicians, according to the Chief, usually exploit the poverty situation and ignorance of the youth in the region during elections and arm them for destructive violence.

Addressing a large gathering of elders, opinion leaders and the youth of Fatigi-To community in Daboya in the North Gonja District, Chief Takora I said that the time had come for the youth to demand that the political leaders of the north empower them (the youth) with education and employable skills but not to supply them with weapons for their own destruction.

He said there had been several instances where the youth due to poverty, hunger and ignorance were unduly influenced and armed by some desperate politicians to violently attack their opponents, inflict physical pain, set valuable properties on fire or engage in character assassination, among others.

He expressed worry about the rate of unemployment and school dropouts in the Wasipe traditional area and northern region at large. He urged the youth to out-rightly reject any politician who would attempt to influence them with alcohol, money and other material gifts or resource them with dangerous or sophisticated weapons.

The Chief emphatically entreated the youth to as much as possible desist from any bad political influences, leave the political matters to the politicians and their children, and rather concentrate on their education or personal empowerment.

“Allah has blessed us with a lot of resources to create wealth, jobs, improve our living standards, health and so on. We have the largest land in Ghana, we have salt deposit and we weave the best smocks in the world and yet we are poor. I urge you the youth to go into serious farming in crops and fish farming.”

The Fatigi-To Wura appealed to the youth to always remember that they represent the future of Ghana, and must thus do everything possible to safeguard the prevailing peace, unity and stability.

He encouraged them to make peace and development their topmost priorities, and to ensure that the 2016 general elections were free from any acts of violence.
Appealing to the politicians to also put aside tribal and religious sentiments to ensure absolute peace in Ghana, Fatigi-To Aura Takora I emphasized that the north could only develop in an atmosphere of peace.

“Now we see road constructions going on in Wasipe; a new secondary school, an assembly an office complex among others, it is all because of the peace we are enjoying. So, let us unite as one people in the interest of peace, stability and development,” he added

He appealed to the media, his colleague chiefs, the clergy, political parties, all Ghanaian citizens and the Electoral Commission to work hard towards peace in 2016.

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