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Young people of Tamale leading the way for peaceful elections


It is a scene you want repeated across the country; large crowds of young Ghanaians taking to the streets and demanding of their political leaders and representatives to behave themselves as the elections draw nearer.

The young people of Tamale led by the Global Ambassadors for Peace on Thursday set a glowing example for the rest of their counterparts in other major cities in the country. They came out in their numbers to call for a peaceful election and, to tell politicians that the nation is crying out for calm during the December elections……wow, there is nothing more beautiful and powerful than to see young people hold politicians accountable.

The elections are just two months away, and the stakes have never been higher. Politicians are fighting for their political lives, and that entails using any means at their disposal to ensure that their political careers are not cut short with a loss at the polls in December.

To this end, politicians will distribute goodies, cash and worse, intimidate opponents and voters. Under these circumstances, political violence is never faraway.

Politics in modern Africa is lucrative which explains why it is oftentimes violent. Witness the recent post election nightmares in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon where incumbent political leaders —- Laurent Kabila and Bongo —- allegedly manipulated the system to stay in power.  Predictably, political violence ensued, and the aftermath was pretty ugly and bloody……hundreds of citizens in both countries were mowed down by security forces.

The frightening scenarios that unfolded in Gabon and the DRC are what Ghanaians don’t want replicated on their streets in December.  There have been calls for a peaceful election from a variety of sources; traditional and religious leaders and civil society groups.

Not to be left out, the young people of Tamale have added their voices to the chorus of voices asking politicians to behave like matured adults and to resist all temptations to incite violence if the elections don’t go their way.

Global Ambassadors for Peace also urged other young people to be mindful of politicians who talk from both sides of their mouths, and not to be lured into doing anything that could potentially derail their future.

The group, Global Ambassadors for Peace, deserves tons of praise from residents of Tamale, and the people of the northern region for setting aside their political affiliations and sympathies and coming out as a single unit to caution our politicians.

Need I say more; the fortunes of Ghana ride on the shoulders of our young people, and if they begin to demonstrate keen interest in how the country is governed and the direction in which it is headed, then, the future looks amazingly bright for us all.


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