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Civil Society Group, CODEO Condemns Political Party Vigilantism



A civil society group on Friday added its voice to the growing chorus of voices calling for an end to political vigilantism.

The group, Coalition of Domestic Elections Observers (CODEO) reiterated the need for concerted efforts to address the growing menace of political party vigilantism in the country.

It said the level of violence that has characterized the activities of party vigilante groups during each phase of the electoral cycle over the years has increased especially since the 2000’s.

On Friday, the National Coordinator of CODEO, Mr Albert Arhin briefing the media on the reflections from a round-table discussions with youth groups, political parties and some traditional leaders, said the 2016 general elections, the post-election phase and the transition witnessed some incidents that nearly marred the almost smooth process.

He condemned the growing ugly tone of the country’s electoral politics and called on political parties to disband those associated groups.

A member of the Advisory Board of CODEO, Sheikh Arimiyawo Shaibu who took part in the media briefing indicated that CODEO is embarking on nationwide public engagements and would conduct regional round-table discussions on the growing party vigilantism, in a bid to sustain the conversation to rid the country’s political space of the phenomenon.

He said these engagements will seek to create awareness about political party vigilante groups, and thereby contribute to voter education on the threat.

Sheikh Arimiyawo recommended that conscious efforts be made to address youth unemployment and urged families to take more interest and responsibility in raising their children.

He also urged religious leaders to use their pulpit and any other platforms available to them to reform the moral aspects of their followers.

By Saani Mohammed Luqman/

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