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Don’t turn into pressure group-DCE cautions area council members


area councilThe Sagnarigu District Assembly has inaugurated 115 unit committee members and three area councils. The 115 unit committee members are expected to support the twenty-three elected and ten government appointee assembly members in the district. The area councils are, Kanvilli, Kalpohin and Choggu.

The Sagnarigu DCE, Alhassan Mohammed Sorigudoo, who inaugurated the unit committee and the area councils, called on the members to support the assembly’s efforts in revenue mobilization to foster much needed development in the area.

He urged the area Councils to identify and protect all public lands in the district against encroachment for future developmental projects. According to him, the assembly is working to deepen the decentralization and local governance system in the Sagnarigu district.

The Sagnarigu DCE further appealed to traditional authorities and religious leaders at the various area councils to champion the course of development in the area.

Mr. Sorigudoo said the area Councils members should not serve as pressure groups against the assembly but rather collaborate and support the development of the area Councils and the District at large.

The District Coordinating Director, Mr. Zakaria Wumbei took the members through their roles and responsibilities as unit committee members and area Councils. Members are expected to serve a four year term, subject to renewal.


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