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EC chairperson want to use part of 28 million per dieme new voter register to complete her uncompleted hotel-NDC General Secretary alleges


Ghana’s Electoral Commissioner, Jean Mensah is bent on creating new register because she want to use part of 28 million per dieme to complete her uncomplicated hotel, NDC general has alleged.

Mr Johnson Asiedu Nketia said he agreed with a newspaper  report that alleges the EC chairperson intrencegent position on new voter register was because of her uncomplicated project was not far from the truth.

General Mosquito as his affectionately called told enthusiastic Inter-Party Resistance Against  new voter  register at Jubilee Park in Tamale that, the EC and government should rather direct their attention towards resourcesing Ghana’s  birth and death rwgistrar.
Providing the needed facilities to the registrar he noted would enable them delete dead people names in real time from the voter register.
The current voter register has about 17 million eligible voters but the EC because of 1 million new registers want start all over instead of upgrading the existing one, Mr Nketia said.
He told demonstrators that’ we   are beginning to unrival the causes of all this new register wahala.
The projected  per dieme for EC  staff of the new register Mr Asiedu Nketia said amounted 28 million cedis, Jean Mensah want to use her portion to complete her project.
According to him, Jean Mensah in the mixed of the strong forces against new register has already started procurement process and the process he claimed  is being teleguided to arrived at a particular vendor which has been chosen by Jean Mensah.’ As  I speak to you now there is a confusion at EC around the procurement process, . The Technical evaluation committee recommended a particular vendor but Jean Mensah is insisting on another. This has resulted to the chairman of the committee  resigning as at Friday 10th January, 2020′.
Mr  Nketia cautioned all foriegn companies participating in what he called fraudulent procurement process that any dollar they spent, the government under NDC will not pay any judgment debt that may occurred. ‘We are puting you on notice, you are puting your resources in handsway, don’t blame anybody’. Again, he warned that if their participation in  2020 elections  blows up in flames, managers in those companies  will not be immune from prosecutions at the international criminal court.

The NDC pointed out that the EC chairperson first reason for the new register was that she want save cost to Ghanaains, but political parties  proved to her that  is far cheaper to register to register 1 million than to register 17 million.

She jumped to second reason, which was that, the current register contains names of death people, hence the need for change.

But the parties  against the new register demonstrated to her again that,  even if  in the process of compiling new one people will be dying and by the time it ends the register will also containing the names of dead people.

We drew her attention to the ongoing National Identification Ghana Card registration that while it is going on,  people who registered the Ghana card nobody died?.
Then again, she  jumped to the point that  they don’t want the data to be in the hands of foriegn company which is Israeli company.
Surprisingly,  Mr Nketia said all four new companies biding for the takeover are all foriegn, one from France, one from China and the other two from other countries.
The EC Jumped to the fact that the thumb print is not perfect and they are adding facial recognition so that everyone can be identified 100% but parties pointed the EC especially it s chair that  since the creation of the world no machine works 100% even up to date.

The thumb print biometric register  EC want  to replace general mosquitoe noted performance rate is about  99.4% and asked why will any sensible person will want to remove such a system.
‘ The problem is their thinking. Some people have stop thinking long time ago.

The’ Korinfohali’ demontradition is the beginning of the long drawn  resistance battle against the EC to trying to bring them back to the table to reason, the NDC scribe announced.

‘According to him, God gives every human being with capacity to think  and to use reason to solve differences. God didn’t give it to axes that’s why they are directed by whips. Whenever a human being decided that they are not longer  going to solve problems  through reasoninv, they have to be whipped’ Mr Asiedu Nketia stated.

Age he added  does not change voter register in any democraticy, the NDC secrib reminded the EC.

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