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Failed CPP parliamentary candidate threatens court action against the party over handpicking of a woman for 2016 election



The Conventions People’s Party (CPP) 2012 parliamentary candidate for the Sagnarigu constituency, Mr Alhassan Suhiyini has threatened to drag the party to court if it doesn’t reversed a decision taken in the constituency.

Mr Suhiyini has described as unconstitutional and illegal, the decision of the leadership of the party to nominate Madam Issah Zeliya as the parliamentary candidate. Madam Zeliya was nominated by the party to contest this year’s elections on the ticket of CPP about a month ago.

Her nomination is said to have been endorsed by the CPP national executives. Madam Zeliya’s nomination is considered a boost to the party’s chances, due to her popularity and achievement as an assembly member for the Sagnarigu electoral area.

But addressing the media in Tamale, Mr Suhiyini said the party decision was illegal, alleging that Madam Zeliya is an NDC card – bearing member and therefore cannot be hand-picked.

According to him the leadership has not consulted him over the decision, adding that the decision was a stab in his back because he has been an ardent member of the party since the 1996 and 2012 general elections and has prepared adequately for the elections in December.

He further alleged that Madam Zeliya participated and voted in the last NDC parliamentary primaries in November. He also alluded to Madam Zeliya’s active membership in the assembly for the Saganrigu electoral area and has still not resigned her position. The woman, Mr Suhiyini added, was not a card bearing member of the CPP and has never taken part in any function or activities involving the party in the constituency.

Mr Suhiyini said Madam Zeliya’s nomination was done without recourse to the party’s constitution and regulations and accused the CPP constituency executives, the office of the Saganrigu DCE and some traditional authorities of conspiracy to impose Madam Zeliya.

The aggrieved CPP activist is therefore demanding that the party revoke her nomination immediately since it is illegal and unconstitutional . The party, he added must allow the party’s constitution, rules and regulations to work with respect to the election of parliamentary candidates for the party.

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