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Head of Majsidul Bayaan Mosque calls for God guidance for president-elect to fulfill his heart-pleasing promises



An Islamic scholar and Head of Majsidul Bayaan Mosque in Ghana, Sheikh Ibrahim Basha has called for Allah’s support and guidance for the President-Elect, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and the Vice president-elect Alhaji Dr Mahamud Bawumia to help them address problems confronting Ghanaians.

Sheihk Basha also prayed to Almighty Allah to shower His blessings on the president-elect and his team to deliver on their promises to the people of Ghana.

According to Sheikh Basha, the president-elect made heart-pleasing promises during the campaign and the good people of Ghana believed in him and therefore it will only take the Almighty Allah mercies for the incoming government to fulfil those promises.

The promises include one village one dam, one district one factory and 1million dollars for each of the 275 constituencies in Ghana, among others, which he is expected to fulfill within four years term.

Sheikh Basha recounted how Nana Akufo Addo’s good leadership calm down tempers after the 2012 Supreme Court ruling when the NPP challenged the election results.

Addo’s gracious acceptance of the supreme court’s verdict, Sheikh Basha said, prevented a situation which could have jeopardized Ghana’s peace.

“We acknowledge that, had it not been your swift consolation, we would have been plunged into deep-rooted social unrest; lives would have been lost, properties destroyed and development would have come to a halt,” Sheikh Basha observed.

Sheikh Ibrahim Basha noted that Nana Addo accepted the ruling on grounds of peace and determination for the progress for Ghana in spite his disagreement with the verdict.

Addressing the media at Majisdul Bayaan Mosque today, quoted chapter 18 verse 29 of the Holy Quran which states that, “you should not have what you wish, except What Allah Wills, the Lord of everything that exists”.

The celebrated Islamic scholar also reminded the incoming government that conquering a land is not the herculean task, but rather its successful administration is the matter. Sheikh Ibrahim Basha’s address which was read to the media by his public relations officer, Mr Abukari Abdul Razak further asked Allah to provide the neck, at the helm of the ship of the state, to carry the country to an envious socio-economic and political status.

“We will continue to pray to Allah to support and guide you through the Hercules task of Chief Executive Officer of the country,” Sheikh Basha assured.

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