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Islamic scholar calls for peaceful election



An Islamic scholar and head of the Masjildul Bayaan Mosque in Tamale in the Northern Region, Sheikh Ibrahim Iddrissu Basha, has called on Ghanaians to live together in peace during and after this year’s general elections.

Sheikh Basha said Ghanaian minds are still fresh about events leading to the 2012 elections where everyone cried for peace and Almighty Allah granted it.

At a special prayer session to end this year’s Ramadan fasting at the Masjildul Bayaan Mosque in Tamale on Sunday, Sheikh Basha urged the Muslim ummah to pray for non violence either from the losers or the victors in the November 7 polls.

The only winner in the upcoming elections Sheikh Basha said is Ghana and entreated everyone to strive to ensure truth and justice in the communities, adding that the three are the bedrock of peace.

Sheikh Basha appealed to the president, John Dramani Mahama, to work as hard to preside over a successful election as former presidents Rawlings and Kufour did during their terms in office.

“Let me admonish H.E. the President, that Allah, the Almighty who made him president, loves peace and for that reason he should do whatever is possible, emulating former President Rawlings and former president Kufour, to ensure that the country goes through another successful election by Allah’s Will”.

According to Sheikh Basha, every stakeholder has an interest in promoting peace and this effort will be in vain if Ghanaians do not collectively stand firm for justice.

Sheikh Basha also prayed for Allah guidance for the electoral commission and its chair person. He prayed that the EC will be steadfast and work for true, transparent and credible electionss.

Sheikh Basha further prayed to Allah to strengthen and support the security personnel of the country who have sacrificed their lives to ensure that Ghanaians live in a peaceful environment.

The Masjildul Bayaan Mosque head prayed to Almighty Allah to protect the northern region which has been stricken with abject poverty resulting in factionalism and conflicts and asked Allah to bless the people with riches.

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