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No vigilantism in Ghana; Lawyer insists



A private legal practitioner, Mr. Samson Lardi Ayineni has called for a permanent stop to what people describe as political party vigilantism.

He stated that recent actions of political party youths are far from similarity or description of vigilantes and must be treated purely as organised criminal engagements with political undertones.

Lardi Ayineni was speaking at a public lecture to mark the 15th Anniversary of celebration of NORSAAC, a not-for-profit organisation in Tamale, Friday

He mentioned that these youth groupings have no locus of engaging in the actions they perpetrate. The actions of the youth, he added, are needless interruptions of the rule of law, public peace, and harmonious coexistence.

For a fact, Lardi Ayineni noted that there are no vigilante groups in Ghana. Vigilantes, he says, only operate to enforce the law without any legal backing owing to perceived failure of state institutions to enforce the law.

Ghana, he said, is not a failed state and neither have our institutions failed us, as such, these acts of hooliganism only prepare the breeding grounds for violence.

The security, stability and democratic sustenance of Ghana are under serious threat if the youth continue along this path.

He lamented that people have sworn oaths of political and public offices to do the right thing but in secret, support and encourage the youth of this country to engage in acts of hooliganism.

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