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Northerners are better served under NDC than under any political party; business man says.



A business man and member of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Northern Region, Alhaji Yushawu Hussein Fuzak, has reminded the people in the northern region that they are better served under NDC than under any political party in the country.

The NDC since 1992, Alhaji Fuzak said, has proven to be the only party with development in the north at heart.

He pointed to the likes of the late Issifu Ali and Alhaji Hudu Yahaya and other party bigwigs who fought to ensure that the region got its fair share of the national cake during the PNDC era.

The same, however, cannot be said about the late vice president in former president Kufour’s regime, Alhaji Aliu Mahama who failed to help the north.

“Renew the mandate of the president John Dramani Mahama and your dreams and aspirations will be achieved,” Alhaji Fuzak pleaded.

Alhaji Fuzak said it was not the late vice president’s fault because of the people he was working with at the time.

Speaking to the media in Tamale on a wide range of issues including NPP accusations, Alhaji Fuzak said the party’s tribal discrimination will continue to haunt them and its negative impact is the regional imbalances in their leadership and unfair treatment of the various ethnic groups in the country.

Alhaji Fuzak, a contractor himself, said his brother the late Aliu Mahama though he was a big time contractor and his firm Lidra construction was located inside the Center for National Cultural, he failed to renovate the center which was in a deplorable state.

This again, Alhaji Fuzak said, was not the late Aliu Mahama’s intention but the people in the corridor of power during the NPP administration made sure that certain developmental projects never saw the light of day.

The forces within the party couldn’t allow him to do so, he adds.

The UP tradition which is now the current day NPP, he noted, from the onset discriminated against northerners, and until NPP members in the north realize it, it will continue to affect the north.

A case in point, Alhaji Fuzak, noted was the sidelining of the educated children of the northern stalwarts of the old version of the party, Mr Jato Kaleo and Mr. S.D. Dombo. Though highly educated, the children weren’t offered positions in the NPP administration. And as if that was not enough, to date, the NPP has not been able to tell Ghanaians the reasons for sacking its former elected chairman, Mr. Paul Afoko who hails from the Upper East region and the general secretary, Mr. Kwabena Agyepong.

While admitting that it was during the NPP administration that the Tamale stadium was built, Alhaji Fuzak was quick to point out that it was the World Football Governing body, FIFA, which provided funding for tournaments and that it is a stretch to assert that the Kufour’s regime wholeheartedly engineered the funding of the stadium.

In addition, the NPP intentionally sabotaged the efforts of Boeing Aircraft Company to upgrade Tamale airport to international standards, and eventually turning it into a hub for the servicing of aircraft in west Africa and part of Europe. The giant American Company’s plans did not come fruition because it had chosen a site in the north and that did not sit well with the NPP.

The NDC government led by president Mr. John Dramani Mahama saw the need to make the dreams of the first president of Ghana, Dr Kwame Nkrumah and the late president John Evans Atta Mills realized by upgrading the Tamale Airport to the international standards.

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