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Northern Regional NPP Chairman faults gov’t for inviting some Konkomba-land sub-Chiefs to Accra



The Northern Regional Chairman of the Opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Daniel Bugre Naabu is raising heckles over the government’s decision to bring a select group of Konkomba sub-chiefs to the nation’s capital without as much as informing the paramount chiefs of the tribe.  Mr. Naabu widely known for his controversial assertions, roundly condemned the government’s action.

According to Mr. Naabu, the selection of the sub-chiefs to visit Accra without the consent of their paramount chiefs could create problems in Konkomba land upon their return and urged the government to desist from such practices.

About 15 sub-chiefs were said to have been selected by the deputy chief of staff in-charge of operations at Flagstaff House Kenneth Wujangi during his visit to the area. Mr. Naabu made the assertion at a news conference at his private residence in Tamale on Friday.

He said the reasons for the chiefs going to Accra were not known, claiming that they were only asked to gather at Saboba and upon their arrival, left for Accra in two batches.

Some of the invited chiefs, according to Mr.Naabu, include the Saboba Chief, Yankazia Chief-Unafebor, Sobiba Chief, Ugando Chief, Kpegu Chief, Nayili Chief, Kujoli Chief, Kunjul Chief and Napagu Chief. The rest are; Kpalba Chief, Kunani Chief, Ugbinbor, Nasuan Chief, Nasuk Chief, Gbintiri Chief and Bunbong Nayire Chief among others.

The invitation, he said, troubled well-meaning Konkombas because of the 1994 tribal crisis which was triggered after similar events.

Mr. Naabu accused the NDC government of employing divide and rule tactics and advised the Mahama-led administration to start packing out from office in peace. He also urged the NDC to campaign at the grass-root level rather than selecting some chiefs from only the Konkomba tribe, while ignoring other tribes.

“In the north here, we are enjoying peace and everyone is trying to forget about the unfortunate incidents in the past and under no circumstances should anyone trigger something similar,” he emphasized.

Mr. Naabu said instead of the government using the little resources available to address the problems confronting health facilities and other areas of importance, it is rather doling outcash to individuals to the detriment to the larger populace.

The outspoken NPP chairman claimed that he suspect a paramountcy issue will crop up in Konkomba land and that could spark serious problems.

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