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NPP flagbearer’s spokesperson turns regional rally to a preaching ground



The spokesperson for the New Patriotic Party ( NPP) flagbearer, Mr. Mustapha Hamid who virtually turned the rally to a preaching ground built his criticism of the  the NDC government with verses from the Holy Quran.

He interpreted the verses he quoted extensively to the electorate explaining that, the resources at the disposal of the governing party belong to the people of Ghana and not to only government officials and ministers.
“Work and get rich, but in Ghana today, you cannot be rich due to mismanagement which has led to the increasing unemployment rate in the country,” he said.

Mr. Hamid urged the youth not to jubilate anytime a minister allegedly steals government money and comes to share meagre amounts with some of the unemployed seated under trees and playing oware, cautioning that those who do so, rather reduce their dignity to zero.

The NDC government, he alleged, is constructing a borehole at a cost of six hundred Ghana cedis in the Upper East region. “I swear Allah, NDC is constructing 10 in Navrongo, 10 in Talensi and 15 in Builsa, why, can’t they fear Allah,” Mr Hamid queried, amidst the chanting of the popular Dagbani phrase ‘Sheii ko Sheii’ meaning he must step down. He encouraged the youth to rather work hard to earn money rather waiting for goodies from politicians.

Mr. Hamid was not the first in the NPP to resort to verses from the Holy Quran on the campaign platform. The former Tamale Metropolitan Chief Executive, Mr. Dry Adam Mohammed Amin Anta did the same thing. He disputed the NDC’s statements that President Mahama was a God-sent leader, and urged the electorate to come out in their numbers to vote out the NDC.

The National Nasara Coordinator, Mr. Kamaldeem Abdallah accused the Electoral Commission of conniving with the ruling party to rig the elections. Kamaldeem told party members to police the ballots on December 7.
“Madam Charlotte Osei should create a level playground for all parties. We are going to protect our future; every young person must guard the ballot boxes on the Election Day,” Kalmadeen advised.

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