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NPP will post armed civilians at polling stations on Election Day, ebullient regional chairman assures supporters



The outspoken northern regional chairman of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Daniel Bugre Naabu has given a firm assurance that, the party will visit mayhem on anyone suspected of rigging this year’s elections on December 7.

Without taking into consideration the security implications for the nation and the region during election day, Mr. Naabu affectionately called “Chairman Bulldozer” announced that 40 of the party’s young men will be stationed in each polling station, ready for any eventuality.

Addressing enthusiastic party supporters at Savelugu during the launch of the area’s NPP parliamentary candidate’s campaign, Mr. Naabu accused the NDC of rigging the 2008 elections and forcefully taking away power in 2012.

“So beware before they repeat the same on 7 December. You know the NDC, they know how to steal; this year’s election is about do or die and if any member from the NDC attempts, break their legs, smash their heads”, the maverick NPP chairman said in the Mampruli language, amidst cheers from the unsuspecting future leaders in Ghana clad in NPP colours.

The NPP regional chairman may have forgotten that his comments amounted to inciting violence. “If they don’t fear anything, if they don’t fear to die, we too we don’t fear to do anything and even dying, Mr. Naabu added.

Mr. Naabu’s comments are in sharp contrast with what millions of Ghanaians are yearning for, before, during and after this year’s elections, which is peace.

In the recent flash-points areas mentioned by the electoral management body and the election security task-force, Savelugu was not in the list, but with Mr. Bugre Naabu’s comments, the security agencies may have to revise their notes again and keep vigilance in all polling stations in the Savelugu constituency.

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