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Opposition parties demo; APC disassociates itself from being part of it



The General Secretary of the All People’s Congress (APC), Mr Abdul Razak Kojo Opoku has disassociated the party from the demonstration by a coalition of opposition parties.

Mr Opoku said the party has not formed any coalition with any opposition political party to organize what he called a frivolous demonstration and a fruitless political adventure.

In a rejoinder to earlier media reports, the general secretary stated categorically and authoritatively that the All People’s Congress (APC) led by Dr. Hassan Ayariga is not in coalition with any political party, both ruling and opposition.

“We are a fully independent minded registered political party who refuse to be used as a partner to mount mischievous and politically driven demonstrations for propaganda purposes,” the statement said.

“The All People’s Congress (APC) shall not be part of a political driven demonstration by the disunited NPP, confused CPP and shambolic NDP, Mr Opoku added. He also warned organizers of the demonstration in Tamale to stop using the party’s name or else face it in court, ” the statement continued.

He warned everyone to be wary of the dubious coalition. “The general public, media houses, members of our great Party especially the northern region branch are advised to disregard the disrespectful and money-hungry coalition.”

Mr Opoku also fired a warning shot to party executives who might be harboring any thought of dealing with the coalition. “Any Executive member of the Party who dares to disobey and goes contrary to this order  shall be dismissed from their respective party’s executive position effective  immediately.”

“Let us continue to be loyal, resolute and committed to the marketing of our great Party, our 2016 presidential candidate and parliamentary candidates to Ghanaians so that we can win their mandate to govern with the best alternatives to what we are currently we are getting from the NDC,” he concluded.



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