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Opposition political parties set for demo in Tamale



The much anticipated demonstration planned by opposition political parties in the northern region comes off Monday August 22 at the Zogbeli school as the converging point, organizers have announced.

The demonstrators are expected to march peacefully through officially approved routes in Tamale and later converged at the same Zogbeli Park for an address.

The New Patriotic Party, Convention Peoples Party, Progressive Peoples Party (PPP), All Peoples Congress (APC) and the People National Convention (PNC), organizers of the demo want government to reduce the cost of electricity price by at least 50% for the people in the northern region.

Organizers have urged all those willing to participate to desist from wearing any political party colors because the demo is not about politics. The parties reached the decision to demonstrate after their ultimatum to government on two occasions elapsed without any response.

Addressing a press conference on Sunday ahead of Monday morning demonstration, the minor political parties vehemently rejected accusations that they have been induced with money by the biggest opposition party, the NPP.

According to CPP, PNC and APC, the whole idea of the demonstration was theirs and not that of the NPP and was intended to project the interest of the people they intend to govern.

The northern regional communication director of the NPP,  Mr Mohammed Abdul Kudus who corroborated with the political parties told journalists that the NPP did not induce any political party, explaining that the demonstration is locally organized without any input from the hierarchies of the parties.

The organizers assured the demonstrators that all the legal requirements have been met and police would be around to provide protection.  He reminded demonstrators that Public Order Act 1994 (ACT 491) which gives the Police power to ban demonstrations has been adhered to.

He explained that several discussions were held between the organizers and the police and issues of them (police) being overstretched came up. He insisted, nonetheless, that with or without the police, the demo will take place.

This year’s pilgrims being airlifted from Tamale airport to Saudi, and President John Dramani Mahama’s  visit to the north were among the issues the police raised.

Mr Kudus, however, ruled out any attempt by the police to prevent residents in the north from exercising their constitutional rights, citing the supreme court ruling on police powers to ban demonstrations as a reminder.

“If the government subsidized out-boat motors for fishermen why wont it subsidized electricity for the people in the northern region?” he asked

According to Mr Kudus, Ghana’s problem is not about increasing taxes but rather managing the economy well. He also dismissed claims by government officials that past government debts is the root cause of Ghana’s current problem, pointing out that it is the rampant corruption and mismanagement of the nation’s resources that are the cause o.f the problems.

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