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Over 2 million Ghanaians now connected to their MPs



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Over two million Ghanaians are now connected to their members of parliament through the Committee on Government Assurances, thanks to an ITC platform created by Pen Plus Beys. What this connection does is put legislators on notice; they will now have to answer questions from their constituents on promises made when they sought their votes. 

The Executive Director of Pen plus Bytes, Kwame Ahiabemu disclosed this in Tamale when addressing students of the University for Development Studies and some governance and civil society organizations. According to Ahiabemu, Ministers who are members of parliament since the inception of the platform are now careful in making political promises at public gatherings for fear of being grilled by the government assurances committee of parliament.

Ordinary citizens with smart phones and are technically inclined can join Pen Plus Bytes program through whatsapp number 024995737 or SM 9030 and ask their representatives and ministers questions through members of the Committee on Government Assurances. The program was funded by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa

The Committee on Government Assurances is composed of not more than 25 Members. It pursues all assurances, promises and undertakings given by Ministers from time to time. It reports to the House on the extent to which such assurances have been carried out. The committee is chaired by a member of the majority with a ranking member of the minority. The Pen plus Bytes operates in three areas including Oil and Gas, mining and  new media.






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