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Yendi municipal director of NCCE tells Chiefs and religious leaders to stay above reproach



The Yendi Municipal Director of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Alhaji Suleman Alhassan Iddi, has repeated calls on Chiefs and religious leaders to stop endorsing politicians.

“You are like trees with birds on top, your firm nature allows the birds to be with you and your jittery nature allow the birds to live with you in disguise,” the NCCE director stated.

Addressing chiefs, religious leaders and youth groups at the Sang Lana palace in Mion in the Mion district of the northern region on the need for peaceful election 2016, Alhaji Alhassan reminded the chiefs that their shadows will haunt them if the politicians they are endorsing fail to win this year’s elections.

Alhaji Iddi popularly known by many as Goonje, explained that the position Chiefs occupy puts them on a pedestal, so they must live above reproach or risk losing the respect accorded them.


Alhaji Iddi who was at the palace with officers from the Ghana Developing Communities Association Empowerment for Life Program(GDCA-E4L),  facilitators of the peace activities, urged the Mion Peace Club, chiefs, opinion and religious leaders to remain neutral for the interest of unity and cohesion in the society.

The chiefs continual show of loyalty to political parties, he explained, contravenes article 76 of the Ghana’s 1992 constitution which now bans Chiefs from actively participating in partisan politics.

On the involvement of pastors and Imams in politics, Alhaji Iddi urged them not to use their pulpits as platforms for political parties. Such actions he noted, will create serious divisions and raises doubts about the credibility of religious leaders.

They the politicians can come to you secretly for prayers in your house, but to use pulpit to cast innuendos and insinuations is worrisome and doesn’t speak well of a country built on by the sweat of selfless Ghanaians.

Don’t take guns from politicians & business men to foment trouble

Advising the youth, the Yendi NCCE director admonished the youth to resist any attempt by politicians and businessmen both in and outside the district who bring guns to cause mayhem.

“Ask them where are their children and immediate family members; you will never see the child of a engaging in violence during the elections and you need to learn from that,” he advised.

Objects in queues on the eve of Election Day is a recipe for confusion

The NCCE director expressed worry about a phenomenon where electorates who use objects such as stones and woods to hold a place in line could create serious confusion. He described  it as a recipe for disaster at the various polling stations if not stopped.

“What you need to do is to go early, cast your vote and leave for your daily activity, the rest is for electoral commission and security agencies to handle,” he pleaded.

He also warned the youth to desist from destroying political parties paraphernalia and posters as it constitutes a criminal act.

“Don’t go to the aid of any community where election related disturbances ensue, remain in your communities and leave it to the security agencies, Alhajji Iddi advised.

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