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We are ready for 2020 elections – PPP

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP), has urged Ghanaains to given them chance in the December 2020 general elections to governed by voting their presidential and Parliamentary candidates.

According to  PPP,  they  remains the only alternative political party after Ghanaains have  tested the leadership of both governing NPP and the opposition NDC several years now.

The party which is currently rounding up its regional delegates conference said they are more than ready for election 2020.

Speaking to Zaa News at the party’s regional delegates conference held in the Savanna regional capital Saturday Damongo, the 3rd National Vice Chairperson  of PPP, Ben Salliah said Ghanaains are disappointed at the way and manner the country is being run by the NPP.

Mr Salliah said Ghanaains have the opportunity to give their mandate to PPP because Ghana is practicing multi-party democracy and NPP-NDC should be change come 2020.

PPP, Mr Salliah said, when given the chance will implement not only what he discribed as ‘troubled’ Free SHS   but will implement the Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education (FCUBE)  which is one of  the most developed education systems in sub‐Saharan after the country became independent in 1957.

When asked the its founder and 2016 presidential candidate Dr Papa Kwasi Ndoum will lead the party, Mr Salliah said several capable people have declared their intention to lead the party and that if Dr Ndoum is interested he will do so.

The Northern Regional Communications Officer of PPP, Prince Shiraz Seidu  said he sees no reason for electorates who thinks voting PPP and CPP are waste of their votes. He pleaded electorates to erased that perception and give PPP a try.

‘The NDC says they will match NPP boot4boot but we in the PPP will match NPP tight – boot gap’,Wherever they go in this country we will monitor them every corner, Prince Shiraze said.

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