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There is a deliberate attempt by politicians to make ordinary citizens suffer – CPP 2nd vice chair

The Convention People’s Party (CPP) 2nd Vice  chairman in the Savanna Region Mr Sulemana Hamdawei  has accused  politicians of  deliberately making the ordinary citizens suffer.

Mr  Hamdawei  explained that the current crop of politicians wants to remain wealthy and influential in society with the sole motive of making citizens worship them and rushing after them for little goodies.

That deliberate attempt to always make citizens beggars and following politicians Mr Hamdawei declared must come to an end.

Delivering the CPP’s solidarity message at the PPP Savanna Regional delegates conference in Damongo, Mr Hamdawei stated that citizens are no more interested  in worshipping politicians.

According to him, politicians ride on abject poverty and lord over them but that poverty is not only the absence of money in one’s pocket, the well-being of the individual matters, too.

Mr Hamdawei said contrary to the international acclaim that Ghana is peaceful country, it is rather the opposite even though the country is not at war, individuals and families are not at peace.

The economic hardships he noted are worse than before and he assured the PPP of possible alliances if the need arises to kick both major parties, the NDC and the NPP come the 2020 elections. He pleaded with the Nkrumahist parties to appeal to the conscience of electorates to at least ‘waste their votes’ by voting the Nkrumahist as they always say in every elections.

According to him, Ghanaian electorates believe that the Nkrumahist parties have good people and good policies but because of less numbers, electorates think that voting them  meant throwing their votes away.

He charged both PPP and CPP members to embark on a  vigorous campaign to ensure that the two Nkrumahist parties win significant number of parliamentary seats.

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