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We support the election of MMDCES-NPP, NDC, PNC declare

Leadership of three major political parties in the northern region has thrown its weight behind the president, Nana Addo campaign promise to have MMMDCEs elected.

The parties which declared their stand on the issue at NORSAAC Rallying Multi-Stakeholders workshop in Tamale include the Convention People’s Party (CPP), People National Convention (PNC) and the National Democratic Congress.

One of the parties, the CPP said it wholeheartedly supports the election of MMDCEs, but it feared if things will be different from the current regime where MMDCEs are appointed by the president.

It was however hopeful that if Ghanaians accept the MMDCEs election, it will enable them to at least govern some districts because they are still their strongholds. The PNC representative also affirmed the party’s 100% support.

It also expressed fears the process may favor candidates who are financially sound which may be a challenge to their candidates during the elections.

On its part, the NDC said it is not against the elections of MMDCEs in principle but it thinks the ruling government should select at least three for the citizens to elect.

The NDC representative drew advocates for MMDCEs attention to challenges facing local governance systems in Nigeria.

According to the NDC, lessons from Nigeria should be guiding principles for Ghana if election of MMDCEs will address Ghana’s local governance system in the near future. Conspicuously missing at the workshop was the representatives of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

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