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Allow teachings of Islam to reflect in your life, Northern Regional Minister appeals



The Northern Regional Minister, Mr Abdallah Abubakari has encouraged Muslims in the northern region to allow the good attitude and teachings of Islam to reflect in them.  Mr. Abubakari said the first point of call for anybody to be attracted to the religion is the behavior and attitude of Muslims.

He made the call at the end of a two-day 22nd annual National Ramadan Conference held in Tamale. Mr. Abubakari commended the National Chief Imam for instituting the Ramdan annual conference noting that it has promoted unity and understanding among Muslims in Ghana.

The Minister also urged religious leaders to incorporate peace massages in their daily and weekly sermons to engender peace in the country. The conference which brought together Muslim leaders from the ten regions in Ghana was on the theme: Peaceful Elections: Pre-Requisite for National Development.”

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar during which Muslims are expected to fast throughout the month. It is a period of total devotion to the wish of Allah in which believers exhibit their commitment and sincere love for God by adhering strictly to the teachings of Allah through effective devotion and closeness to the Almighty Allah.

He therefore called on parents to play a role in ensuring that the teachings of Islam are adhered to. The Minister also called on the youth in the country most especially the northern region to listen to the preaching and teachings of their Imams for a successful fasting season.
The minister made a passionate appeal to Imams who will preaching during the Ramadan period to stick to the pure interpretation of the verses of the Holy Quran and not engage in personal attacks. Such attacks Mr Abdallah noted were dangerous and could disturb the peace in the reign.

The Executive Secretary at the office of the National Chief Imam Alhaji Awaisu, appealed to all players in the game of democracy not to allow partisan considerations to subordinate national interest.

He also called on the youth to refrain from all forms of social vices as we embark on the fasting for spiritual cleansing but rather to embrace all forms of virtue and contribute tremendously in service to Allah and mankind.

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