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Devote your time in seeking Islamic virtues-GMSA president appeals to Muslims



The National president of the Ghana Muslim Students Association (GMSA), Abdul-Rahman Alhassan has made a passionate appeal to the Muslim Ummah to devote tremendously time in seeking Islamic virtues.

According to him, the acquisition of knowledge and its norms are mandatory on every Muslim. He made this known during the National Muslim Women’s Conference, which was held over the week-end in Tamale.

The conference, which was on the theme: “The empowered Muslim; A significant figure for National Development,” was to equip Muslims the requisite knowledge to help transform them into taking the right route in the Islamic world for success here and the hereafter.

It was also to educate Muslims on Entrepreneurship and Leadership and its Sharia in Islam, adherence to Islamic manners and sharia, education and its relevance to Muslim woman, among others. The GMSA president entreated the Muslims Ummah to try and propagate the words of Islam with whatever Islamic knowledge they are blessed with.

Islam, he added, can only remain in effective existence if Muslims take it upon themselves the responsibility to spread Islamic preachings across the globe and allow the manners of Islam to reflect in them as Muslims.

However, the president added that Islam is a violence free and peaceful religion and therefore cautioned Muslims to be wary of the way they respond to comments with regards to politics ,among others, entreating them not to be hotbeds for any violence before, during and after the 2016 general elections.

The director of Business College International (BCI), Alhaj Ibrahim Shamsudeen Taimako, in his address, observed that Muslims should conduct themselves properly and thus be committed to Allah in any business they do as Muslims.

He disclosed this when he was lecturing Muslims on entrepreneurship and leadership. He charged Muslims to be up and doing in order to become successful entrepreneurs, adding that they should never be depressed in whatever they intend achieving as Muslims.

Meanwhile, an Islamic Scholar of the Ambariat Muslim Community, Doctor Mohammed Awal has charged Muslims to live as Islam demands. Addressing the Bagabaga College of Education (BACE) branch of the Ghana Muslim Students Association (GMSA) during a handing-over ceremony in Tamale, Dr. Awal made an appeal to Muslims to take Islam as their tribe, political party, and above all exhibit humility among them in the society they live.

The Islamic scholar urged them to put into practice the values and preaching of Islam, since that will make them fully-practicing Muslims. He entreated Muslims to cast their votes as demanded by the Sharia of Islam, stressing that political leaders and opinion leaders, among others, should commit themselves to their leadership since every leader shall be accountable for their deeds.

Accounting to the GMSA members of the school, the BACE financial secretary Mr. Iddrisu Abdul Rashid commended outgoing executives for their efforts towards transforming the GMSA board of the school.

By; Ibrahim Timtooni/

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