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It is the responsibility of every Muslim to spread Islam-Dr Bilal Philips


imageDr Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, an Islamic scholar and preacher has thrown a challenge to Muslims leaders in Ghana to explain in details the meanings of chapters and verses of the Holy Quran to the Muslim Ummah.
Understanding each word of the Quran by Muslims, Dr Bilal observed, will make it easier for them to evangelize and win converts to Islam.

Delivering a lecture on the topic,”Whose responsibility is it to spread Islam?” at the Afa Yussif Ajaura Mosque in Tamale on Tuesday, Dr. Bilal wondered why hundreds of Muslims are not able to explain the meanings of the verses of the Quran and only praise Allah in Arabic. He went on to remind Muslims that the responsibility to spread Islam rests on the shoulders of every Muslim and not only on Muslims scholars.

He laid the blame for the majority of Muslims’ inability to understand the verses of the Quran to the failure of Muslim leaders and not on the followers who only rely on them for knowledge.

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