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Miss Gonja youth calls for calm in Gonjaland



The 2016 winner of the Miss Gonja Youth, Miss Zakaria Tahira popularly known as princess Tahira, has vowed to use her position to bring peace in Gonjaland.
She has therefore call for calm in the two communities where fighting has claimed two  lives.

Miss Tahira, who hails from Salaga in the East Gonja district of the northern region, told Zaa News that she is worried any time there are disturbances in her homeland.

Miss Gonja Youth said she has been trying to make the people of Gonja unite reduce teenage pregnancy among young girls, and reduce school dropout and child labor in the Gonja community.

She is also worried that there is a chieftaincy dispute between Kafaba and Kalanpor and called for peaceful co-existence. “I will use my position to ensure that there is peace and unity in the Gonjaland,” Miss Tahira Zakaria stressed.

Miss Tahira’s decision comes after two people were shot dead and 16 others sustained serious gunshot injuries when unknown gunmen opened fire on a group of people watching the UEFA Champions League final match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid at a palace at Kafaba near Salaga.

The name of one of the deceased has been given as Abubakari Salam, a three-and-a-half-year-old boy, while the identity of the other is yet to be established.

Some residents of Kafaba are reported by the Daily Graphic as saying that last week an attempt was made by one of the factions in the chieftaincy dispute to enskin a chief for Kafaba, but the police intervened to restore order.

But Miss Tahira hinted that she will lead a peace march in Gonjaland to champion togetherness and the need to avoid all forms of violent behavior.

The Princess also urged everyone, especially the youth at Salaga, who want to be like her to learn hard and remain focused in life and not to listen to people who always discourage others.

The humble and beautiful princess used herself as an example, saying “When I was contesting for this crown my friends discouraged me and even my family, but I paid no attention to them because I knew what I wanted and what was in me and God being so good, here I am today.”

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