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Woman kills husband in Katariga



Residents of Katariga, in the Sagnarigu District of the northern region on Monday had the shock of their lives, when a woman whose name was only given as Azara, allegedly killed her husband, Mr Mohammed.

Sources in the community say, a misunderstanding ensued between the couple on the rainy Monday morning August 15, 2016. Eye witness accounts indicated that the woman chased her husband out of their room, amidst threats. There were two different accounts from the source.

Whereas one source indicated that the woman after a disagreement hit her husband who was lying on the bed, another said the wife hit her deceased husband’s chest with an object in front of their door.

Mr Mohammed, who was a master craft tractor mechanic at the Tamale industrial area located at Lamashegu, reportedly died on his way to hospital but his body was immediately returned to the community instead of being taken to hospital, raising many questions. The cause of his death would have been uncovered through an autopsy report but that didn’t happen.

Our sources in the community say he was buried quickly, in accordance with Islamic tradition, without official investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death or his killer questioned by law enforcement authorities.

The deceased, according to our source, took Madam Azara as a second wife about three months ago. His first wife is said to have left the matrimonial home a few weeks after the second wife arrived to avoid trouble.

Terrified Katariga residents, who spoke to Zaa News, expressed shock and dismay about the way and manner the deceased was quickly buried and are grumbling over the matter.

The assembly man for the Katariga electoral area was reluctant to speak on the matter when Zaa News contacted him on Monday.
He first denied any knowledge of the incident, indicating that he would cross check and inform us accordingly.

On Tuesday he confirmed the incident, but declined further comments because he was not formally informed and did not probably want to be seen interfering in family matters.

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