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Don’t blame sports presenters for the non effectiveness of local sports – Prince Mukadi


Popular sports presenter in Northern region, Halid Prince Mukadi Gbramoni has taken a swipe on persons who blame the woes of Ghana’s local sports on sports presenters. According to the sports “sapashini”, sports presenters across the country have done their bid in promoting local sports and could not be blamed for such.

The host of Zaa sports, one of the most listened to sports program in the North was reacting to comments by some key figures in the country who cast blames on sports presenters for not putting much efforts in the promotion of local sports.

Halid Mukadi writes “It would be unfair on the part of sports presenters in Ghana as a country if they are to be blame for not promoting local sports but rather promoting foreign sports. I think sports presenters has done enough for local sports (Eg; Gala Matches, Division one matches,Division two,Colts and Ghana premier league ) even thou is not well branded and not encouraging to attract investors to spend big money on it , but We the Sport’s presenters still promote and find a way to make soccer  loving fans know how important local sports is and it needs to be patronize at all course . In my candid opinion,politics has blinded a lot of our leaders so they don’t see the bad side of football when their in power and they are the same people who will be blaming other’s for their own selfish and political interest as well :

Don’t Blame Sports presenters rather blame our leaders : God bless all Sports Presenters and Soccer fans as well: Proud to be a Sports Presenter” :




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    Well done for the publication the best and the most listen to Radio Station in the North.

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