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20 years old medical student of UDS in critical condition after she was stab


Twenty (20) year old Salma Ayisha Yakubu, a second year Medical Student of the University for Development Studies (UDS) was reported to have been by miscreants while she was alone in her apartment.
She was left in a pool of blood in her bedroom with deep cuts on the head and some severe bruises in her neck with leads suggesting her assailants strangulated her until she became unconscious thinking she was dead.
The poor student hours later regain consciousness and managed to descend to the ground floor bleeding profusely but collapsed and lay helpless on the floor.
The timely intervention of neighbours who called in the ambulance service saved her life after she was rushed to the hospital. Madam Anita Horm a resident disclosed that she was called in to the scene by neighbours who saw her naked and lying close to the staircase of one of the flats gasping for breath.
She immediately brought out a cloth to cover her after which the ambulance was called in to convey her to the hospital where she is currently responding to treatment.
Investigations at the residence revealed traces of blood on the walls and sofa as she struggled to get down from the two-storey building.
Apart from her two cell phones, an ipad and a laptop that were taken away by the attackers, all other belongings were seen to be intact according to police investigators giving room to suspicion it attack could be related to some contract killing.
Dr. Bill Koomson a Medical officer at the Tamale Teaching Hospital disclosed to investigators that the victim was rushed to the facility unconscious with deep cuts on the head and bruises as a result of strangulation around the neck.
He however disclosed she is regaining her consciousness at a slow pace reasons why she was transferred from the emergency ward into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for close observation.
He added that they are waiting a report on a CT scan conducted on the head to ascertain whether there were some fractures but disclosed that the victim is unable to move some parts of the body.


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