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Blind students appeal to gov’t to establish brail press


The President of the Ghana blind union, Abdulai Mohammed Awal has appealed to the government, stakeholders and opinion leaders to come to their aid in the area of Education and employment. The union says in spite of talent and competency of their members, they are being refused job opportunities because they are visual challenged.
Members of the union who poured their fractions lamented how difficult economic condition they are going through because of sight problem.
The president also appealed to the government to establish a brail press that would be responsible for brailing text books and also try to add the importing of the brail sheets to the annual budget.
The blind students union also expressed worry over the delay in releasing their common fund which comes every three months and appealed to government to release it on time to enable them pay their school fees.
The Union at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Tamale called on government to build at least one senior High school and one college of Education in Tamale with the necessary facilities for them to study.
Speaking to Zaa News, the ladies commissioner, who is also a student of Nasirra Jahan College of education in Wa, Miss Sahadatu Nima called on government to put up a blind school in Tamale and also provide them with an embosser to emboss their books. She also mentioned transportation as one of the major challenge facing the union.
The transportation difficulties according to her have led to some of them who parents are not being able to send their children to school.
The blind students union also appealed to the NGOs and companies to give them a chance when they apply for jobs in their offices, so that they can also exhibit their talents.


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