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2014 fire festival peacefully celebrated by Dagombas


Thousands of people on  Monday  night celebrated one of the most important festival in Dagbon. 
The fire festival (Bugun) is an annual festival celebrated by the chiefs and people of Dagbon, Mamprugu and the Gonja land, all major tribes in the northern region. 
The 2014 fire festival started in all paramount chiefs and some divisional chiefs palaces a few minutes after 9:pm local time. 
By the customs and tradition  governing the celebration, the chief will set the fire which will then preceded by the celebrants who gather at the palace.
Though peaceful, it was celebrated under guide of heavy arm military and police personnel across the northern regional capitalTamale. 

Earlier, Monday morning, the paramount chief of Tamale, Gulpkpe Naa, Alhaji Alhassan Abdulai urged the people to observed the festival as a traditional one and not to harm each other during the celebration. 
The Gulkpe Naa also advised the youth to be cautious with the and extra careful with the tools they hold during the celebration. After almost hour and half and excitement, gather at the converging point(the chief palaces) for advance mainly for strong ones or survival for the fitters with leaves of tress from the bush.


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