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9 months old baby abandons in cemetery


Residents in the Sagnarigu district are hunting for a nine 9-months old baby girl mother who abandoned the helpless baby in front of the Sagnarigu old cemetery.  

The residents woke up on Thursday morning at about 6 am and saw the baby without clothing at the cemetery. The residents who could not come to terms with the bizarre situation wonders what will make a women carry a baby in her womb for almost nine months and after delivery, she decided to throw the baby away. Women in the vicinity had to clothed the baby

 Some of the resident who spoke to Zaa News expressed shock about how cruel some mothers can be and promised to fish out ’’the irresponsible nursing mother’’ of the nine months old baby.

Opinion leaders in the Sagnarigu district have also expressed their dismay how some women can be careless and urged parents to inculcate high sense of moral into young girls.

The former assembly woman for Sagnarigu electoral area, Madam Zeliya Yakubu told Zaa News the matter has been reported to the police for investigation while the baby was handed over to health officials to provide proper healthcare. 



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