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Abolish cultural practices hindering development-Gulkpe Naa appeals


The Paramount Chief of Tamale, Gulkpegu Naa, Alhaji Alhassan Abdulai has called on traditional rulers to abolish cultural practices that do not bring development to the region. Gulkpe Naa made the call during the Maiden Damba Durbar of Chiefs and people in Tamale Sunday where he enskinned the Managing Editor of the Insight News Paper and an Nkrumahist , Kwasi Pra Jnr as his Yalivuhi Naa. .

The Gulkpe Naa explained that the durbar was to remind the people in the region the importance of tradition and culture. The celebration of Damba which used to be drumming, dancing and merry-making   the chief said must change to accelerate developmental goals in the northern region.

According to him, the festival has been preserved for so many years with the aim of deepening and strengthening the identity and purpose of northerners.

The Gulkpe Naa also called for cooperation between government and political leaders in the developmental issues adding; they cannot be development without active involvement of traditional rulers. He said traditional rulers should be involved in planning, implementation and monitoring of developmental projects in the various traditional areas. This, he observed will ensure quality, effective and efficient use of resources.   

He also used the opportunity to call on cooperate institutions to help traditional rulers in their developmental projects to change the perception of traditional rulers.

Culture and tradition the Gulpke Naa said should not be the preserve of traditional authorities, but should be actively participated by the citizens and none natives. Culture and tradition he noted are not static but must be line with the developmental challenges and urged all chiefs to do way with cultural practices that impute personal development and the communities as a whole.

 He lamented also about the cyber fraudsters popularly called ‘Sakawa’ boys which have gained notoriety in Tamale.  “Because we are doing away with some of cultural practices and don’t even ask where these boys who are held in high esteem in the society but if traditions are to be adhere to, such people should have been  condemn or banished from the society’’  the chief  lamented.

According to the Gulkpe Naa, the activities of sakawa boys are inimical to the society and because the chief don’t even questioned where their resoures come from, the gods this time round don’t even accept sacrifices because they doubt the source of resources and the wealth.

Speaking on behalf of the Northern Regional Minister, the District Chief Executive(DCE) for the Sagnarigu District, Alhassan Mohammed Sorugudoo urged people in the region to work together  to sustain peace, unity and development of Dagbon.

He also used the opportunity to remind the people about government’s initiative to promote sanitation in the country and encourage residents to cultivate the habit of cleaning their surroundings.

Northern Regional Commander of the Motor Traffic and Transport Union (MTTU), Superintendent  Godwin, Cashman Blewshe on behalf of the Regional Police Command Ken Yeboah appealed to the people to always consider their moral values by respecting the laws governing every individual.

 He mentioned the riding of unregistered motorcycles, driving without licenses and attack on policemen as immoral acts that people in the region should desist from. He also appealed to leaders in the region to use their positions to counsel the youth on the importance of moral values.




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