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Abudu Chiefs boycott Regsec Meeting-Accuse Reg. Minister Of Bias


The Abudu Royal family has boycotted the meeting convened by the Northern  Regional Security Council (REGSEC) as part of efforts to resolve the recent impasse between the Abudu and Andani families over the enskinment of a chief for Kpatinga.
The RGSEC however met with the Andani chiefs and had a fruitful discusions with them. Northern Regional Minister, Moses Mabingba told Zaa online that the meeting went on smoothly and that REGSEC took notice of the concerns of the Andani chiefs.
The concens take the case of the roadmap to peace which the Abudus claim prevents the Kampakuya Naa from installing a chief while the Andanis say Kampakuya Naa cannot be barred by the roadmap.
Mr. Mabingba told Zaa radio that last week he, as chairman of REGSEC had written a letter to the Bolin Lana warning him to desist from further enskinning chiefs.
He said  the Abudus might have mistaken that for bias and decided not to attend the meeting and added that REGSEC was not  perturbed but would do all it can to ensure peace is maintained in the region.
The minister would not give details but a source close to the Andani chiefs said REGSEC would not grant an Andani demands for the Bolin lana installed Kpatinga chief to evaquate Kpatinga. 
Installation of chiefs by the Kampakuya Naa and the Bolin Lana has heightened tensions in Dagbon especially Kpatinga where the latest enskinments were made.
The two gates have allegedly been bussing  people to defend their interest at Kpatinga while security persons have been deplored in the area to maintain the peace as some residents flee the area over fears of a possible clash between forces loyal to the two gates.
Arrival of “many new faces” on a daily basis in Kpatinga has heightened fears that the two families may be bussing fighters to Kpatinga.  ]]>

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