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Regsec Meets Abudu Andani Chiefs Over Tensions In Dagbon


The Northern Regional Security Counci (REGSEC)  is currently meeting with chiefs from the Abudu and Andani royal gates in the Dagbon Chieftaincy.
The meeting, according to sources close to the REGSEC is amongst other things aimed at addressing recent developments in the Dagbon chieftaincy that are threatenning the peace of Dagbon. 
This latest development is informed by the enskinment of two chiefs for kpatinga by both the Kampakuyana  regent of dagbon and the Bolin Lana, regent of mahamadu Abdulai. 
The meeting is also coming at a time both gates are being accused of bussing fighters to Kpatinga in the midst of alleged prolefiration of arms.
Armed security persons have since been deplored in the area but the proximity of the residences of the two “chiefs” is also raising security concerns compelling some residents to flee the area.
The kampakuya Naa's installed regent is in the Kpatinga chief's palace while the Bolin Lana installed chief is living just adjacent the palace.
Reports say  more security persons are arriving in Kpatinga.
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